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About ExplorOz Traveller + EOTopo

ExplorOz Traveller is a navigation application designed for use in Australia. The application contains maps, routes, & POIs but also allows you to add more.

You can use multiple devices sharing the same ExplorOz User Account. Access to Track Logging and Offline Map downloads is managed via the User Account. The application will also let private data (Private Places, Private Treks) to be synced between all devices using the same user account.

The application features a Data Manager with download buttons for the offline resources (Places, Treks, Comments, Offline Maps). Once these are downloaded, the resources are seamlessly integrated giving you a wealth of info without the hassle. Fresh updates for resources are provided free.

Maps are included for the entire of Australia. The application features a easy option to view/switch maps from Three various sources:
1. EOTopo maps are available both online and offline
2. Streets & Paths maps - online only
3. Satellite maps - online only
The map screen will automatically switch to display offline EOTopo when service is disconnected.

The application provides active navigation without the need for internet but requires GPS to get and display position data (Location). Please note that prior to downloading offline maps there is an option to select storage space (for external storage to SD card).

It is intended that application users will download the Premium Offline Map package to have fun the most detailed maps to a zoom of Level 14, which is a scale of 144K.

If you don’t have an EOTopo or Premium Offline Maps license, you will only be able to download the Offline Base Map. This base map covers the entire of Australia at a scale of 1:2.3 million. 24MB download, requires 39MB storage space.

The Premium Offline Maps license is an extra AU $49.99 and can be purchased in-app or from the ExplorOz website. The Premium license activates the Four extra download buttons in the Data Manager for the higher resolution offline maps.

The map displays icons for Areas as an Overlay option. There are Eight types of Areas – Camps & Accom, Geography, Infrastructure, Heritage, Population, Recreation, Reserves, & Services. Clicking these markers allows activation of the "Go To" navigation control. Whilst nearly 90,000 Areas are included, you can add Areas of your own as required.

Navigation along any a Trek is also as easy as clicking “Go To”. This loads all the Areas along the route and contains distance between points, travel time between points and the ability to customise the Trek in your Nav Plan by removing or inserting Places.

Both Private Areas and Private Treks are stored in your User Acc and can be synced to your other devices in-app.

With an internet connection you can build auto-route guidance for Put to Put navigation. These routes can be saved as Private Treks. Any Trek can be used for guided navigation when offline.

You can activate the Snail Trail feature as an overlay feature in the map. This draws a line on your map showing the path you travel. The Snail Trail will continue to record and display until you clear it.

Track Logging is a background feature that operates when the application is running and tracking is enabled. Position data is collected in real-time and stored in your device. When your device is online, position data is synced to your online account. A map showing your server tracking is displayed for your convenience on the home screen of the application and on the ExplorOz www service (based on your security settings). This allows family/friends to view your tracking map as you travel. Server tracking data can be archived, saved and displayed in your acc as a Trek. The data from these Treks can be downloaded in different file formats such as GPX, OziExplorer etc.

Continued use of GPS running in the background can decrease battery life.

New Features: Features Added:<br>- New Setting for Map Screen -Crosshairs - supports None, Symbol (previous default), Line and Line Always (Default: line) shown in centre of map screen<br>- New Navigation Screen Setting - Voice Prompt Speed - allows adjustment of voice speed used in Basic &amp; Turn by Turn guidance (Default 4)<br><br>Updates Applied:<br>-Intermittent issue of multiple markers shown on map after adding a new place<br>-Added additional POI (Place) Types and symbols

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